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Replacement Faucets for RV Sinks


Since 1977, Phoenix Products, Inc. has specialized in making American Made faucets for Recreational Vehicles, Manufactured Homes, and Marine applications. Most of their faucets can also be used in standard residential buildings. Their product line has since expanded into the most complete line of faucets, hand showers, and accessories for the specialty outdoor recreation lifestyle.

Most of their products ane made in the USA, while the Catalina brand faucets are made overseas. No matter where they are made, all of their faucets, both foreign and domestic, must pass rigorous testing and quality standards, and are backed with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. The Phoenix brand faucets are made in Ohio using local suppliers.

At KC Home Trailer, we are very pleased to partner with a company, most of whose products can still wear the “Made In USA” label.